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As a wholly owned subsidiary of Trust Tech Inc., an engineering personnel service company listed on the First Sector of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, it commenced business in July 2010 in Hong Kong as the first personnel introduction company specializing in engineers.
Japanese manufacturers are accelerating their move of its manufacturing base to overseas and transferring their development design/research development division to overseas subsidiaries.
Under this type of environment, many companies are facing problems securing and retaining excellent personnel. In addition, at the same time, we will carry out recruiting in Japan and by doing whatever it takes to secure personnel we will provide personnel service meeting the needs of our corporate clients.

Service Guide

Local Personnel Introduction

Targeted Clients
Hong Kong local subsidiaries
Service Guide
(Personnel introduction of staff, mid-level and executives)
We conduct introduction business of personnel possessing language skill and engineering skill especially towards Japanese manufacturers.
Executives/Sales/Sales Engineer/Procurement Purchase/Service Engineer/SE/PG/System Control, Maintenance Operation/Development Design/General Affairs, Accounting, HR and others

Introduction of Japanese (Foreign National) to local subsidiaries

Targeted Clients
Hong Kong local subsidiaries
Service Guide
(Introduction of Japanese (Foreign National) to local subsidiaries)
From the young to the very experienced Japanese (foreign nationality), we will introduce executive management level and engineers directly to local subsidiaries.
Executives/Advisor Class Engineer
Sales/Engineering Sales/SE, PG/System Control, Maintenance Operation/Development Design and Back-Office Personnel

Introduction of Japanese for overseas posting

Targeted Clients
Japan Head Office
Service Guide
(Introduction model of Japanese able to work overseas)
In cooperation with Trust Tech Inc., we will introduce executives, management level personnel and engineers with overseas posting experience.

Flow till appointment

  • Flow till appointment
  • Recruiting Personnel
  • Counselling/Skill Check
  • Proposal to Companies
  • Interview


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