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As a wholly owned subsidiary of Trust Tech Inc., an engineering personnel service company listed on the First Sector of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, it commenced business in July 2010 in Hong Kong as the first personnel introduction company specializing in engineers.
Japanese manufacturers are accelerating their move of its manufacturing base to overseas and transferring their development design/research development division to overseas subsidiaries.
Under these circumstances, the issue is the matching of excellent personnel with companies.
We are proactively recruiting locally and in Japan, personnel specializing in engineering.

Type of work offering jobs

Manufacturers/Device Manufacturers (including trading companies)/Machine Manufacturers (including trading companies)/Various Service Companies targeting manufacturers such as information communication companies, system development companies, finance related companies etc.

Position offered

  • ・Executives
  • ・Sales/Marketing/Customer Service/Sales Engineer/Service Engineer
  • ・SE/PG/System Control・Maintenance Operation/Development Design/WEB engineer/
  • ・General administrative work including general affairs, accounting, human resources and secretarial

Recruitment Services Guide

  • Recruitment Services Guide
  • Initial registration
  • Interview
  • Prospective positions
  • Interview with prospective company
  • Confirmation of employment terms
  • Follow up


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